K-LI, a premium streetwear brand inspired by and mirroring the rising tide of British culture was thought and founded deep in the heart of London, the country’s cultural hotbed.

K-LI, pure and simple represents contemporary British subcultures of today. Soaking up all the various styles and cultures that resonate in every corner of our land. Seeking to bridge the gap between premium and streetwear, the brand embodies an important ethos; simple, yet effective.

It’s focus is on producing quality garments along with immaculate fitting and comfort, important elements in today’s fast paced fashion lifestyle. These factors reflect themselves in the simple lines and cuts whilst the colors also remain subtle.


Inspired by the inner city neighborhoods where grafting is a way of survival, the Grafters range of garments seek to truthfully represent British culture, as it is and how it happens; mirroring the job necessary to remain ahead of the pack within western society. Grafters is for people who know their game. Striving to gain all that life can give, a true grafter controls his own destiny, will shed blood, sweat and tears to strive forward; this is mirrored by our designs, from and for you.


Anyone who’s checked the cult smash ‘Blow’ knows where the inspiration for this range came from ‘Magico’, translate as ‘ A Man with A Dream, A Man on the Rise, to take Nothing and make it Something’. Decked out with the prominent face of Boston George, the main character within Blow’s’ gritty tale of modern urban life, and surrounded by the backdrop of high rise concrete buildings that reach for the sky. Magico praises the high rollers that believe in the beauty of their dreams. This range has one way of thinking and that is too think Sky’s the Limit.

Eros Bandit

The Elite is not for everybody – and it ain’t a social club either. The Elite are few and far between – only the strongest and bravest of individuals make this exclusive club of flyness. This is reflected in the Eros Bandit range – an elite range with its sights set to high-rolling flyness, immovable confidence and an ever-strong belief in remaining part of the elite club – the Eros Bandit range represents just this. The elite section of the street and the flyest and freshest threads for those with their aims set high and their hearts proud, this is not just a touch of class….it’s a way of life.

The King

A bold and original collection, The King range features a King chess piece silhouette contrasted against simple, co-odinated background colours, emphasising the daily grind as a game of chess, always thinking on the intelligent moves. Simple in appearance, the ethos is one of strategy and creativity to whom that holds a supreme position; a King among competitors. Often regarded as a boring, burnt out pastime, chess has risen among many youths in diverse cultural backgrounds; as a game where decisions are crucial and every thought counts as being important. The King range represents the determination and skill of many.